essay writting 4

Please follow the requirement of the file, and the topic and information of this essay to finish this essay.the word min are 1000. The topic of this essay is the theory of evolution that is natural selection. This theory was first formulated by Charles Darwin, who is an outstanding naturalist, geologist, and biologist. Darwin’s On the Origin of Species set out his theory, by which species develop from generation to generation by the process of natural selection. Therefore, the main points are the survival of the fittest in this theory. Nowadays, the survival of the fittest widely uses in medicine. There are a few questions for this essay. What is the survival of the fittest? What is the survival of the fittest apply in medicine? Why the survival of the fittest applies in medicine is very important for us?

All the life in the world are connected and relative to each other. They may have a common ancestor. But they had become different species during development and evolution.

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There is a struggle for survival between creatures. For the natural choice, the adaptor survives, and the discomfort is eliminated. It is through the inheritance, variation, and natural selection that biology evolves and develops from low to high, from simple to complex.

After I learned this theory, I found that there is something in our daily life matter this theory. What is the survival of the fittest apply in medicine? I got some information from the doctor, website and the book of On the Origin of Species. When we have inflammation in our body, the doctor will give us anti-inflammatory drugs to fight the bacteria in our body. Antibiotics are mainly metabolites produced by bacteria, molds and other microorganisms. They are mainly used to treat various bacterial infections or pathogenic microorganisms.

However, I have found that anti-inflammatory drugs like penicillin are a newer generation almost every two years. Since the first discovery of penicillin in 1940, the number of antibiotics has reached several thousand, and hundreds of them are commonly used in clinical practice. I asked my doctor why this medicine need to upgrade so frequency, and my doctor told me that it was because of the drug resistance. Drug resistance refers to the tolerance of microorganisms, parasites and tumor cells to the action of chemotherapeutic drugs. Once drug resistance occurs, the chemotherapy effect of the drug is significantly reduced. Bacteria exhibit resistance because of the presence of resistance genes in their bodies. These resistant genes are not killed by antibiotics. When other bacteria without anti-drug genes are gradually killed, these resistant bacteria survive and will adapt to the drug environment to survive. Constantly mutating, forming new and more powerful bacteria, and reciprocating. In this way, humans continue to develop new antibiotics to deal with powerful pathogenic microorganisms.

Why the survival of the fittest applies in medicine is very important for us? According to the article of “Antimicrobial resistance: global report on surveillance 2014” from WHO, “Each year, the number of people killed in the United States due to infection with super-resistant bacteria is as high as 63,000, and the number of deaths in the EU is 25,000. The number of deaths caused by super bacteria in the United States each year far exceeds the number of deaths from HIV infection. If the spread of super bacteria is not effectively curbed globally, the resulting death toll may increase by 100,000 per year.” Improper use of antibiotics by medical staff and patients will make drug resistance stronger and stronger. Many medical staff use antibiotics to treat diseases for many conveniences without the need for antibiotics. Some patients find that after they get sick, they don’t go to the hospital to see a doctor, but to go to the pharmacy to buy antibiotics. As a result, the resistance of bacteria will become stronger. But people still don’t realize that bacteria will survive and become more powerful because of the survival of the fittest in Darwin’s theory of evolution. When bacteria become strong enough, the immune system that relies on antibiotics becomes fragile and cannot withstand strong bacteria. Their abuse of antibiotics will eventually harm themselves. It is very important to let people have a sense of rational use of drugs.