ethos pathos and logos 1

For this activity, your task is to identify a specific public speaker’s use of ethos, pathos and logos.

Take a look at this TED Talk:

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Based on the video that you just watched please answer the following questions:

Answer each question individually


1- Please briefly define ethos

2- Define the three dimensions (three C’s) of Credibility AND provide an example of each from the video.


1- Please briefly define pathos

2- Provide three examples of how the speaker appealed to the audiences’ and your emotions.


1- Please briefly define logos

2- Identify if the speaker used either a logical fallacy or a type of evidence (i.e., example, statistic, and/or testimonial). For this part focus on discussing either logical fallacies or the different types of evidence. Regarding logical fallacies, please provide the example of the fallacy the speaker was guilty of committing and why that example is evidence of a fallacy. Regarding types of evidence, provide an example of each type of evidence the speaker used.