explore the context of a graphic novel persepolis in more detail 1

Explore the context of Persepolis, a graphic novel in more detail and write a 1500 words research paper based on a research topic. The topic can be anything historical based on the novel.

Link to the novel: https://rhinehartadvancedenglish.weebly.com/upload…

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Go to wikipedia (yes – wikipedia!) and find out what you can about the historical context of your research topic. Remember that the most relevant information in wikipedia is at the end of each article, in the footnotes and sources. Follow those to the origin of the information. Decide wether this is reliable, or if you need to do more research.

2) Write a) an outline of the historical context of your project, b) a summary of the topic. Be specific about your geographical, topical, personal and temporal decisions.

3) Include an annotated bibliography of the sources you will use. An annotated bibliography is a list of the evidence you have found that will help you research your final project. Include information about where you found the evidence. Does it come from an online archive? If so, which one? Is it an object in a museum? Is it a text you found in a book in a library. Think about the provenance of your evidence, and ask yourself if this constitutes a reliable source.

For the outline and annotated bibliography, it has to be at least 350 words and it’s due in 4 hours and after that I will extend the time to 3 days.