film essay 6

Tepeyac (Fernando Sayago, Mexico, 1917 – youtube).

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Watch this firm, then write an essay, 5 pages, 1600 words.

You need to make an analysis of your chosen film in relation to a

specific social, political and/or economic issue.

Please try to connect your work to the class concept.

Use simple languages to write a clear paper.

Use your own words.

More or less, your paper needs to contain:

1.Provide a historical context

2.Explain the film’s genre – and explain the characteristics of that genre

3. Explain the film’s relationship with some of the class discussions (modernization, development, national formation, colonization, etc.).

4. Analyze some specific parts of the film – shots, scenes, sequences; or characters, locations.

5. With a bibliography.

6. For the final assignment, you cannot discuss City of God.

For this assignment, I advise to find and read articles on the movie of your choice.

Make sure your essay is Excellent illustration and excellent writing (with citations and clear connections

between the movie and a relevant historical situation)