financing entrepreneurship

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    Legal and Tax Issues in Hiring Employees Grading GuideAnalyze the following in a minimum of 1,400 words regarding legal and tax issues in hiring employees:

    • Analyze the effect that classifying employees as agents of a company has on social entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, and intrapreneurs in hiring employees.
    • Evaluate the impact that social entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, and intrapreneurs understanding employment discrimination laws has on the employer-employee relationship.
    • Analyze the importance of the employment agreement from the perspective of social entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and employees.
    • Evaluate ways social entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, and intrapreneurs create dynamic organizations by understanding legal and tax issues.
    • Evaluate examples of how top companies are creating dynamic organizations for their employees.

    Cite a minimum of 2 peer reviewed reference from the University of Phoenix Library.Format consistent with APA guidelines.