follow the instructions hwk4


great work on topic one and I need great work on second toopic.

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could you choose topic relate to soccer or sports or game because when I talk about this subject I know what I talk about and in this assignment I just need one page.Also, English is my second language so choose easy words to say

HWK 4: Statement on Planned Research for Position Argument Essay

Before proceeding with your work on the assignment you must present your topic for your instructor’s

review and explain what makes it an interesting subject through a 1-page Statement on Planned

Research. This statement will layout the topic and three questions about the topic you want to study. It

will also layout why you are interested in studying the topic and what you expect to learn through this

analysis. The topic must be approved by your instructor.

Include the following in the statement:

– a description of the topic

– what is interesting to you about it

– what your current stance is/thoughts are on the topic

– three questions about the topic you want to study

– what you expect to learn through this process