funny short story

Autobiographical short bstor

Write a humorous short story from your own life.

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You should use the stories by David Sedaris in Me Talk Pretty One Day as examples of how to do this. Your story must be from your own life, a true story about a person, place or event. It can have serious, tragic, or silly subject matter, but it must have elements of humor. Your audience is the general public, so assume your reader knows nothing about the people, places, etc… in your story. Lastly, you have full creative freedom on subject matter and language.

I am not going to grade your essay on how funny it is, rather how well you demonstrate a command of the form: a true, personal story with humor. I will also grade your command of organization and development. So, write in well-organized paragraphs and include specific details, examples, and quotations.

Format the essay in MLA format: header, title, double spaced, 12-pt font. There are no sources, so no Works Cited