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In this exercise, you will reflect on the educational goals you hope to achieve at University . Consider the traits and habits you can begin developing to position yourself for academic success, how you will overcome unforeseen challenges, and the people in your support system who will help you achieve these goals. You may have already started this conversation with your graduation team members; this reflection activity helps solidify these conversations into an actionable plan.

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Complete the table by answering the questions and providing detailed information. This will serve as a Learning Action Plan to guide you through your academic career at University.

Submit the completed worksheet.

Learning Action Plan

What is your primary motivation for starting a degree program or taking a course at University of Phoenix?

List one of your short-term or long-term educational goals and the resources you think you will need to achieve it.

Plan for the unexpected! Identify two potential obstacles that could prevent you from achieving your educational goals. How do you imagine you would face these challenges in a way that would not derail your studies?

What are some traits or habits of a successful University of Phoenix student that you would like to develop? What steps will you take to begin developing them?

What is your technology back-up plan in case you lose access to the Internet or have a problem with your computer?

Consider your current schedule of activities (work, family, social events, etc.). How will you adjust your priorities to effectively manage your time?

What are some sacrifices you might have to make in order to be successful in school?

Who are the individuals in your support system who will encourage you to reach your educational goals?