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“Bringing team members together to accomplish interdependent tasks does not automatically result in effective team performance” (Mathieu & Rapp, 2009). There are various elements that needs to be in place when developing a successful team performance. Within a successful team, there are essential conditions which are expertise (ability), engagement (motivation), and execution (strategy).

“For teams to perform effectively, members must have the requisite ability, knowledge, and skill to perform the task” (Thompson, 1999). This essential condition requires the leader to match individuals with the accurate skills for the task that is at hand. For example, within a workplace, it is essential for the leader to develop a team that everyone a has distinct skill such as technical, cognitive, interpersonal, decision-making, and problem-solving. If everyone has the same skill, then the team would not be a productive one.
“It is not enough for members of a team to be skilled, they also must be motivated to utilize their knowledge and skills to achieve shared goals” (Thompson, 1999). Motivation comes from with an individual and through external aspects. If a team is poorly arranged, that can jeopardize the team commitment and determination. For instance, if an individual feel as though they cannot impact their team members in an effective way or cannot rely on others. So, it is essential for team members to engaged within every teamwork activity.
Another essential condition is execution. “A team needs to coordinate the skills, efforts, and actions of its members so as to effectively enact team strategy” (Thompson, 1999). If a team has various (two-digits) members, the leader may have a problem with the work not being distributed equally. That is why it is so important to keep the team down to single digit membership. Within the execution stage, it is essential for the leader to have an agenda, effective communication, and stand within the performance standards.
A successful team, within the organization I work at, can execute every part of the essential conditions. The individuals are to communicate effectively, skilled in their respectful places, and engaged with their clients.
Mathieu, J. E., & Rapp, T. L. (2009). Laying the Foundations for Succuessful Team Performance Trajectories: The Roles of Team Charters and Performance Strategies . Applied Psychology .
Thompson, L. L. (1999). Making the Team: A Guide for Managers. Prentice Hall.

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