human rights 2 1


This is a Human Right paper which consist of 40% of the course grade.

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My deadline is March 14th noon.

Last paper which you did I took 75% I hope this time would be better.

These is a feedback for first paper, Please read it carefully. READ and USE the ATTACHMENT.

” 1.Nice analysis of access issues, and need for research in urban and rural areas, public/private, human resources. You mention urban/rural, would have been helpful to focus specifically on need for disaggregated data. 2. Answer focuses on good aspects of the plan but a bit unclear on whether elements suffice – could have addressed absence of programs to address social determinants (water, literacy), access in rural areas, lack of firm commitments by NGOs. 3. Nice on how inexpensive means can be used to educate and how low income people will have access to private clinics. Otherwise answer unfortunately does not address human rights problems of resource investment, such as need for maximum resources and fair financing system; recall that human rights approach doesn’t assume just existing resources. 4. Good on monitoring but needed to address process obligations of participation and accountability”.