i need a french writer to do 6 powerpoint slides 4 articles each 6 powerpoint slides and should be done separately the articles are on migraine all slides should be written in french

I need a French Writer to do 6 PowerPoint slides. 4 articles,each 6 PowerPoint slides and should be done separately. The articles are on migraine. All slides Should be written in french

My teacher has given me a couple of articles that I need to read. I have already started and I have four more. What he wants me to do is read these articles (in English) and then include the key points on the power point. What he wants me to include is:

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– Information on the subjects (very general like the amount, gender, age) and the tests/questionnaires used.
– Protocol
– Results
– Conclusion
– Limitations

The subjects of these articles are on migraines. However, the slides need to be written in french.

when i assign the paper i will attache two examples of what is being asked of me. For the 6th slide, I am supposed to circle the element that are used to explain the reason for the migraine. If there is no explanation, then you can leave question marks.

Below i have attached the four articles write 6 powerpoint slides for each article.

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