1. Write a research paper of at least 1750 words on one of the topics below. The word count refers to paper content only (i.e. cover and Works Cited pages are not factored into the word count).

2. This is a research paper in MLA format. Outside sources are required. Use in-text citations for quotes, and include a formatted Works Cited page. 3. The paper’s grade will be based on content, organization, critical thinking, and mechanics (punctuation, spelling, and grammar.)

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1. Ethics Identify a specific ethical issue in your field and how it is, or is not, addressed in your workplace. It is recommended you discuss it with someone at your site to see what he or she thinks of the issue and how to handle it. Ideally, your thesis will take a stance on what should be done, which will be supported by evidence from work experience, the interview, and research. (Note that the ethical issue should be particular to your field or industry, rather than something such as the practice of internships in general.)

2. Organizational Analysis What is the mission or purpose of the company with which you are interning, besides simply generating profit? What does it contribute to society, the industry, or the world at large? Make and support a specific, compelling claim on behalf of the company as your thesis. Consider several elements of the organization and how they contribute to the mission or purpose. Discuss it with coworkers. Look for how different departments contribute to a common goal

3. Future Trends in the Field Select and research a developing trend that is affecting or may affect your field. How will it impact your particular internship site? Your thesis should offer some solution or proposal to deal with or capitalize on the trend. Support your claim with evidence from your work experience, consultation with your supervisor, and research.

4. Career Exploration Research the role and responsibilities of a position you desire at your internship site, even if it is not the role you are currently in. Make a claim (thesis) about why that role would be a good or poor choice for you? Though your feelings may be personal, support your claim and opinions with evidence gathered from the jobsite, interviews, and research.

5. Organizational Structure Obtain or develop an organizational chart (positions, lines of authority, departments, etc.) for your internship site. Determine your position on this chart. Who seems to have power and influence? Who has respect and why? Compare your observations with the chart—does it reflect what you have observed? For your thesis, make some specific claim (how/why) about the organization’s effectiveness. Defend it with both evidence you have seen and your research

. 6. Project Workflow Using at least two projects as examples, study how an assignment moves through your internship site. Identify who becomes involved and at what points. How do they contribute to moving the project along? For your thesis, make some claim or argument about this workflow. Is it effective? Why? Does it need improvement? What sort? Prove your opinion by describing and analyzing what you have seen. Discuss the reasoning behind the system with your coworkers. Present further support from articles or books.

7. Technology Analysis Analyze the pros and cons of technology used in the company. Can you make a single, insightful claim (thesis) about technology’s effect on the workplace? The idea is not simply to explain how technology is used, but to offer some assessment of its effectiveness. It is recommended you discuss the advantages and limitations of technology with a supervisor and also research current technology relevant to the field.

8. Economic Trends What effect does the current economy have on your internship site (e.g., lower billing hours, reduction in clients, decreased leads, etc.)? Observe how your sponsor has responded to these changes. Your thesis should make some claim about what you feel should be done given the current economic climate. Support that claim by analyzing and explaining what you are witnessing on the job, what your sponsor feels about it, and what relevant articles are saying. It is okay to suggest an alternative method, but support your idea.

Choose and write a topic from above. I am a fashion designer student interning for Anna Sui headquarter in New York City. My usual day consist of cutting fabric, sawing and anything above that need to be done. I live in Philadelphia so i have to commute each day to New York and be on time at 9.