knowledge management and business intelligence 2

You have also seen that it is not very easy to implement KMS as it depends on three major factors of people, process and technology and that knowledge for an organization can be acquired from various sources both internal and external. Equipped with this knowledge you are required to complete this assignment which contributes towards 50% of your coursework marks.

Choose any one of the following, considering that you have suitable access to the process of working, data and functions without breaching any confidentiality.

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The organization or part of the organization (department/division) where you are not working and have not worked previously, but to which you have suitable access for this assessment. For example (you could consider departments/units at MEC like Student Success Center, Marketing Department, Student Support Services, Library etc. but with prior discussion with your faculty) ( the organization is OXY Occidental Oman)

* the example of this assignment and work proposal are attached

* Submit a work proposal with in 3 days ( task 1)

* • Adequate referencing and citation provided

* Follow the CU Harvard referencing style

* read the Instructions carefully