literature review 169

1.Critical appraisal of five research articles (50%):

● Describe and critically evaluate the findings presented in your five chosen studies, to identify current trends and gaps in knowledge, and formulate a research question. You must make explicit reference to Hewitt-Taylor (2011) and the framework she presents for assessing research to demonstrate how you have appraised your five chosen studies to ensure that they are of sufficient quality and relevance to your topic.

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2.The research question (10%): the research question you propose, including definitions of the question’s key terms and a clear rationale for the research focus, commenting on:

● how the research question builds on the existing research literature

● what the perceived merit of this research question is, with regard to social work knowledge and practice

● how the research paradigm shapes this question, making specific reference to the core text (Chapter 2)

● feasibility – specifically how this research could be answered by a student or practitioner researcher