medicaid and medicare


For this Assignment, you will distinguish between Medicare and Medicaid. Your paper must include the following topics:

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  • Provide a brief history of both Medicare and Medicaid.
  • Define the populations that they are intended to serve.
  • Determine whether your state has expanded Medicaid.
  • Articulate the reasons that states choose not to participate in Medicaid expansion.
  • Analyze your role in your specialized area of nursing practice when interfacing with Medicare and/or Medicaid recipients.
  • History of Medicare and MedicaidThe word count for your paper, excluding the title page and references page, will be 800–1200 words. You must include a minimum of (5) different scholarly references: History of Medicare and Medicaid are discussed in detail.
  • Identification of Populations Served by Medicare and Medicaid: Need for policy change is discussed in detail.
  • Status of Medicaid Expansion in Student’s Own State: Status of Medicaid expansion in student’s own state is discussed in detail.
  • Reasons that States Choose not to Expand Medicaid: Reasons that states choose not to expand Medicaid are discussed in detail.
  • Role of the Nurse when Interfacing with Medicare and Medicaid Patients: Role of the nurse when interfacing with Medicare and Medicaid patients is discussed in detail.