midterm exam 34



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You have been using Voice Thread to make connections between the concepts we are reading and talking about and the political events of the times. This exam uses a similar approach, but you will need to be able to write about those connections as opposed to talking about them.

On the left side of this page I have placed bills from the Georgia legislature, some that are still being considered and some that did not cross over. These bills reflect a variety of social problems and political processes. In some instances the political issue at the heart of the legislation is obvious. In others it is a bit harder to detect. In some you may not know what social problem the legislation is trying to address. Each of these realities are part of our social policy system today.

On the right side I have listed concepts or theoretical perspectives we discussed in class. I have included my videos or links to the pages, links to articles or other information we have discussed or read. There may also be more information on the class page when we discussed that topic.

What is required is that you select 4 of the bills and apply one of the concepts to the content of that bill. You should select four different bills and four different concepts. In your response you talk about how the concept we discussed can be seen in the content or process related to the particular bill. You will do that with four different bills, using four different concepts. That is your four questions.

These resources are for your use to help you make the connections between concepts and reality. They are not a prescription and it is not expected you will utilize every little part of the material. It is to get you to think about how the concepts on the right might apply to the situations on the left. And in no way does this represent all of the material available to you. You may have other resources you wish to use. It is the intention of these resources to provide some factual material to get you started.

Each answer is worth 25 points, for a total of 100 points in your grade. This exam is worth 40 points, or 12% of your total grade. These are the three elements I will be grading.

  1. Do you have a clear understanding of the bill or the particular social problem it is attempting to address and expressed that understanding in a competent way?
  2. Do you have a clear understanding of the concept we discussed in class or from the readings, and have you expressed that understanding in a competent way?
  3. Have you made a good connection between the current event and the concept, describing how that concept, in part, at least, might explain the current event and how it has unfolded?

If you write with these three goals in mind, you should be able to apply the concept with a brief, concise response.

You should number each of your selections 1 through 4 and tell me specifically which bill and which concept your are using for each answer. These answers should be placed in a word document. The WORD document is then uploaded to a dropbox on iCollege by midnight, March 30th.

Legislation in the Georgia Legislature this session

HB 2 – Georgia Consitutional Carry Act and HB 74 – Packing While Ubering – can discuss together

HB 213 – Hemp Farming and HB 324 – Georiga’s Hope – can discuss together

HB 481 – Heartbeat Bill

HB 228 – Minimum age to get married

HB 158 – HIV/ AIDS medication for Medicaid

SB 106 – Medicaid Expansion

HB 234 – human trafficking

Concepts from Class Readings

Polis and Market approach

Stone Equity and Efficiency

The Jones Model of Social Policy

Streams of Analysis – Window of Opportunity – bottom of page

New Jim Crow and Reparations

Stone’s Liberty


Income Inequality