mkt312 week 10 discussion and response

Week 10 Discussion

“This Data Is Useless – Or Is It?” Please respond to the following:

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Note: Your initial discussion post and / or reply(ies) can be the traditional keyboarded entry, or you can use a video response (See the Job Aid in the Student Center of the online course).

  • Give your opinion on whether or not you believe sales figures are important when evaluating integrated marketing communications (IMC). How should hard data such as redemption rates and store traffic be used in the evaluation of marketing communications? In terms of accountability, how important are behavioral measures of IMC effectiveness



I think that sales figures are important, if a store orders to much product than intended to sell, this could be a lose or considered shrink. This could through off the companies sales and numbers if not careful, for example, during the last year holiday’s store traffic. This would give some type of for caste on how many consumers they would be expecting to shop in the store. Store traffic should be used in marketing communication, to see when the target consumers are shopping. For another example on Wednesday senior citizens get a discount for shopping, so with store traffic marketers would know to do most of their ads and campaigning on Wednesday for sure.