module 5 forum 1 and 2

Module 5 Discussion Forum 1

Sociopolitical Factors and Vulnerability

On the landing page of this module it is noted that there is a tendency for efforts aimed at reducing disparities in services and care to be fragmented and marginally effective. You will no doubt need to do some reading/research on “sociopolitical factors” in relationship to vulnerability.

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In a post of at least 175 words:

Discuss some of the factors that contribute to fragmented and marginally effective services for vulnerable populations. What are some of the causes of the fragmentation of services and what are some of the factors that reduce effectiveness of interventions. Are there sociopolitical forces that create barriers or challenges? How, for example, do politics play a role? If possible give examples to support your post.

Module 5 Discussion Forum 2

Serving Vulnerable Populations

Choose a vulnerable population group, and then complete some Internet research to identify a local, state, or national initiative or resource that is focused on serving this vulnerable populationin some way.

In a post of at least 200 words, cover the following:

  • Identify the vulnerable population
  • give an overview of the “vulnerability factors” (i.e., why are they considered vulnerable, or what social determinants apply to their vulnerability)
  • Identify the resource and contact information
  • Give a brief overview of the initiative/services provided
  • Identify the primary goal of this resource
  • Are there any barriers reducing the effectiveness of this resource in serving the population (i.e., funding, lack of awareness, etc.)