need help with resume and cover letter

On pages 353 you have the sample for a resume, and on page 369 you have a sample of a cover letter.

Follow the format of the samples and draft your Resume and Cover letter. Make sure to proofread and edit both your resume and cover letter multiple times before submitting it.

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Combined required word count is 500 words.

NOTE : Highlighted key words from the job posting MUST be included and highlighted in both the resume and cover letter.


Resume and Cover Letter Rubric

Resume and Cover Letter Rubric

Criteria Ratings Pts

Does the applicant follow the format on page 353? Is the personal information centered in the top? Is there a summary of qualification/ Objective? Has the applicant included his/her education background? (Program coursework + Special projects) Has the applicant included Work and Volunteer Experience? Has the applicant included Professional engagement? Are awards mentioned ?

8.0 pts

Are there any grammar or punctuation errors?

2.0 pts

Has the applicant followed the format on page 369? Is the address of the applicant included? Is the address of the company included? Does the first paragraph open by showing knowledge of the company? Has the applicant included the specifications of the job he/she is applying for? Does the second paragraph discuss the applicants skills and qualifications as stated in the job posting? Does the third paragraph show knowledge of the company ? Does the applicant, in the final paragraph, politely ask for an interview yet emphasizing another related skill he/she may have? Does the cover letter have the proper closing and signature?

8.0 pts

Are there any grammar or punctuation errors?

2.0 pts

Total Points: 20.0

Please follow the sample. I will add my name address and phone number later.

Bachelor in Science, Accounting. Anticipated graduation: Dec 2019

Crouse frame work: i will have to work on it.

Work experience: Worked as an inventory accounting intern in Hayward for royal handicrafts Inc. 2017 summer. Thats the only experience i have.

i can speak, read write 3 different languages. English, Hindi, Nepali

Please add something to this so it looks kinda similar to that sample.

And i need a cover letter.

I will attach the Job Posting with the highlighted key words and pictures of the samples. So that job posting is supposed to be the job that i am going to apply and i need a resume and cover letter for that.