nurse practice act 2

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1. Print the Nurse Practice Act to turn in with your Paper.

2. Write a short typed essay of 200 to 300 words on:

a. the Nurse Practice Act.

b. include why this is important for a student nurse or licensed nurse to know and understand.

c. discuss the ethical principal of nonmaleficence.

This assignment is worth six (6 total) points added to your final grade. The grading rubric is below; this is due by March 18, 2019




Insights and ideas that are germane to the assignment

2 pts

Choices and uses of evidence

2 pts

Logic of organization and use of prescribed writing formats

1 pts

Integration of source materials 2 pts

Explains in detail how this effects you as a nurse 2 pts

Grammar/ Spelling 1pts

Final Grade ____

****10 pts = 100. 9pts =90, 8 points = 80, 7 points = 70, 60 = 6 points, 50 + 5 points Below 50 no points will be awarded! Score Weighted at

.06 on grading sheet, example 100X.06 = 6 points, 90X .06 = 5.4 etc.