obesity asian american health issue essay 3 5 pages


Answer ONE of the questions in a 3-5 page essay, using proper essay structure and technique (identifiable thesis statement, concrete examples, etc.). You MUST cite at least 3 different sources in compiling your answer (lecture notes, articles, etc. are all fair game) and you MUST use proper citation techniques (APA or MLA) for full credit. If you use articles, you must provide a minimum one paragraph discussing what your search strategy including what databases you used (Google Scholar, Medline, PsycInfo, etc.). Tell me what keywords you used that were either successful or unsuccessful and why they worked or not. You MUST also use this specific font: Times New Roman, 12 point, with 1 inch margins

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1. Obesity is a problem that affects Asian Americans just as much as other communities. What are common chronic diseases that point to obesity as either a cause or an exacerbating factor? How are Asian Americans particularly affected by obesity, and why are we at greater risk for chronic diseases?

2. Obesity is a multifactorial problem that touches upon different aspects of Asian American identity: feminism, appearance, shame. What are some of the negative aspects of obesity vis-à-vis the Asian American community? (Meaning, how is obesity and how are fat bodies demonized in the community?) How can it be possible to be more inclusive and accepting of these and other “unacceptable” bodies?

• Reference at least 2 journal quality articles
• Document your search strategies (did you use Google Scholar? Medline? Etc...)
• Proper MLA or APA formatting
• Minimum 3-5 pages, use Times New Roman 12 font ONLY.