one essay two comment

Extended Definition Essay

Topic: The Anti-Social Side of Social Media

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Write an essay of four to five pages in which you explore the meaning of a key term in some

current social issue. Your purpose is to define the key term in such a way that it explains and

defends your position on the social issue.

  • Use the following guidelines:

• Use one-inch margins.

• Double space.

• Use size 12 Times New Roman font.

• Include page numbers.

• Use in-text citations in MLA format.

• Include a Works Cited page with two or more sources listed in MLA format.

In the end add two comments (minimum of 5 sentences each)

  • 1)What were the most challenging aspects of constructing an Extended Definition Essay?
  • 2) In the end, what determined your position on the issue?

Note: I will prove guidelines for the essay