paraphrase hume enquiry

  • You are to paraphrase paragraphs 8-16 of “Sceptical Doubts Concerning the Operations of the Understanding” in David Hume’s
    Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding

    • Read the entire section – the PDF file
    • Paraphrase only paragraphs 8-16 on pages 110-115
      • This inclusive of paragraph 16 (the long one)
  • Paraphrasing will help you read this way. After you completely read the assigned text once, go
    back through the pages assigned for this exercise and paraphrase each paragraph in those pages (not the
    whole reading assignment for that week) in about one to four sentences (as a general rule of thumb). Read
    a paragraph over a couple of times and then pretend that you are explaining it to a friend who hasn’t read
    it. Don’t put everything sentence
    -sentence into your paragraph; identify ea
    ch paragraph’s central idea
    and put it in your own words. Use an informal, straightforward tone rather than a stilted or stiffly academic
    one, but make sure your writing has correct spelling and grammar throughout. Be as explicit and concrete
    as possible; don’t rely on vague phrases or metaphors. Don’t quote
    —that defeats the purpose. Put the page
    number in the margin beside the first paragraph of each new page in the text, to make it easier for me to
    At the end of the assignment, write and explain a question or objection. It can be a request for
    further clarification of an idea you didn’t understand (be specific about what you didn’t understand about
    it—you can’t just write “I didn’t get X”) or, preferably, an analysis or challenge of the validity o
    f an idea
    covered. You are welcome to disagree with the author, but be sure to give her the best possible interpretation

    of the argument consistent with the text.