peer review you can just make in the essay highlight and write peer view

Peer review provides a reader’s feedback on a writer’s work; it should not involve correcting someone’s work for errors (proofreading is the writer’s job), but rather constructive responses to the writer’s content, structure, and organization. Peer reviewers provide an objective and informed perspective on essay drafts.

The name of you peer review partner will be available TH; the peer review tool is NOT available on the Canvas mobile app, so you will need to access a computer to see your partner’s essay draft and complete the review.

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Please avoid inserting comments or corrections directly into your partner’s document; instead, use the comments feature for peer review, available in the assignment sidebar. (链接到外部网站。)链接到外部网站。

Use these questions as a guideline for your peer review comments:

What do you like best about the essay?

What needs the most improvement?

What supporting evidence needs to be added/revised/edited out so that the prompt’s task is directly addressed?

Where can analysis of plot/character/point-of-view/theme be developed or improved?

Where can the essay’s organization be improved?

Which foundational elements of the essay (thesis, intro, transitions, conclusion) need improvement?