performance appraisal 8

Please review the assignment in the attachment for this assignment. Then produce an approximately 500-word evaluation of Bill Blizzard′s performance in a narrative format (no bullets), referring to the employee in the third person (as Bill and Mr. Blizzard, not as “you”).

Your effort will be graded on adherence to guidelines, content (including the presence of these required headings: ACCOMPLISHMENTS, STRENGTHS, AREAS NEEDING IMPROVEMENT, SPECIFIC RECOMMENDATIONS FOR IMPROVEMENT, and PROMOTION POTENTIAL), and fairness to this employee and to you as his employer. Remember to document all successes AND failures using the FACT, QUANTITY, and IMPACT/RESULT of each significant success or shortcoming.

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NOTE: For this ONE assignment, you are permitted (and encouraged) to make use of the phrasing supplied in the instructions. Consider the instructions as YOUR notes about YOUR employee, rather than merely instructions for a paper. So (for this paper ONLY) it is not plagiarism for you to write “Bill has been” (followed by a phrase or sentence that appears in the instructions).

Grading Criteria:

  • Narrative format (may include “created” corporate logo, if desired), single-spaced, with double spacing between paragraphs
  • Uses all required specific headings
  • Documents all strengths and weaknesses of Mr.Blizzard
  • Strengths section is well developed
  • Areas needing improvement section is well developed
  • Recommendations section is well developed
  • Focuses on the information needs of the audience
  • Positive, confident tone
  • Emphatic, concise, fluent sentences
  • No proofreading errors