pleasure unwoven

Contrast the information from Chalk Talk from 1973 and the updated information from “Pleasure Unwoven”. What are the similarities and differences in our knowledge of addiction?

Your posting should be a minimum of one hundred (100) words. You will need to post your response before you are able to view your classmates’ posts. You are required to read all of your classmates’ posts and respond to at least two classmates. Your replies to your classmate should be substantive, at least fifty (50) words. See the rubric in the Syllabus for grading details.

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Please use the text box of this Journal link to enter your Weekly Diary response. Please comment on a real life experience that relates to the required readings or any of the material in this Unit. Be sure your answer is complete and at least at least a couple of chunky paragraphs (Five (5) to Ten (10) sentences per paragraph).