policing america issues and ethics

Read the Crime Story in Chapter 7 about the five former New Orleans police officers.

1. Why did the New Orleans police officers, who were sworn to uphold the law, violate it in the Danziger Bridge incident?

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2. What steps could have been taken to prevent their police corruption?

3.Do you agree with the sentences imposed on the five police officers involved in the incident? Defend your answer.

4.Do you think the legal outcome would have been any different had there not been an attempted cover-up? Defend your answer.

Reread the section in Chapter 8 comparing the adversarial and inquisitorial trial systems (pp. 301-304).

5.Which of the two trial systems seems to be the best way of ascertaining the truth? Defend your answer.

6.Which trial system do you think is superior regarding the role of juries, the rules of evidence, and the role of victims? Defend your answer.

7. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the inquisitorial trial system compared to the adversarial trial system?

8.Which features of the inquisitorial trial system should be incorporated into the United States’ adversarial trial system, and why?