policy and evironment

What do you think of insurance companies providing clinics for patients? Ethical issues involved? Will they cap or ration services offered? United Health care is actually providing clinics to their clients and employing providers to work in these clinics. Is this a glance at socialized medicine?

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Should there be a limit on care and resources that should be given to a patient. Can you think of treatments that may need a cap or limit placed on them? Such as dialysis for someone who has ESRD and are not eligible for a kidney transplant? Who should pay for this excessive care? Insurance companies could go bankrupt. What if the patient doesn’t have insurance, are you willing to pay more in taxes to provide funding for these patients? If you don’t agree where would the government come up with this

If you work or have worked in the ED so you may speak first hand on this subject. Do you feel providers in the ED should be able to turn patients away who do not require emergency medicine without penalty? How many of your hospitals have a “diagnostic or ambulatory care” section in the ED that your non-emergent patients are triaged into?

What are some ways the ACA can evaluate the success of the program? By enrollment numbers alone? As healthcare providers what are your expectations of a successful program?