political knowledge in america

“political knowledge is necessary for effective citizenship.” (224) Do, though, Americans meet that seemingly simple standard? Using the Jimmy Kimmel video and your text (224-226), do Americans meet that requirement? Do we have the political knowledge necessary for effective citizenship?

To help you answer the discussion forum prompt, answer the following questions:

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1. How well are people informed about the Affordable Care Act? How does Obamacare influence what people in the video think about the Affordable Care Act even though they are the same policy?

2. Defending opinions is also a requirement of being informed and effective citizenship (224). How well are the people in the video able to defend their political interests? Be sure to give examples.

3. By favoring the Affordable Care Act but opposing Obamacare, are the people in the video having their health care policy preferences represented and getting the type of health care policies that they like and prefer? Why or why not.

4. Finally, do the people in the video have the knowledge necessary for effective citizenship? Why or why not.

WTP: 224-226

You should write a minimum of 250 words for this assignment. Your essay should also have a clear introduction, body, and conclusion. Your thesis should answer the question “Based on the video, do Americans have the knowledge necessary for effective citizenship?” There is no need to use any outside source/s for your answer. You should be able to give a complete answer using your text. Be sure to paraphrase the text when possible.

Video Link: