polynomials 3

In this discussion, you will create your own scenario involving polynomials and think about all of the applications of polynomials, including scientific notation, area, perimeter, volume, rates of change, speeds, time, and so on. Consider a problem using one of these applications and pose it in your initial discussion post. In your follow-up posts, please provide a solution to a scenario posted by a classmate, and be sure to ask questions and offer suggestions.

For example:

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In a game in the 2018 College World Series, SNHU scored two runs against Augustana University. If Augustana scored 4 more than twice as many runs as the SNHU Penmen, what was the final score? Let s represent the runs earned by the Penmen. Write a polynomial function P that represents the final score in terms of s.

In the actual game, the Penmen scored 2 runs. What was the final score?

P(s) = 2s + 4

P(2) = 2(2) + 4

P(2) = 8