porters 5 forces the five competitive forces that shape strategy environmental analysis ppt presentation


This assignment has three separate parts and one and two in essay format and 3rd as a Power point:

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1.Understanding the Five Forces Model

Journal – 1.5%: Journal entries are a tool for you to explain concepts in your words and reflect on the information. Journals entries help to strengthen your understanding and retention of the information and allow you to establish your own position on the topic.

For this Journal Entry: Demonstrate your understanding of the Five Forces Model by choosing an organization or product (my personal suggestion is fitbits or whatever you would suggest and easiest to complete this assignment) – then by answering the questions, provide an example for each of the forces in relation to your chosen organization or product. You may need to do a quick Internet search to determine some of the responses for the questions below.

Organization or Product:

1. Who are the current competitors?

2. Is there currently a threat of new entrants? If so, where are they coming from?

3. Who are the main suppliers? If you cannot find them by name, what types of materials are supplied.

4. Who are the main buyers?

5. What might be considered a substitute product/service?


2. Now that you have reviewed the theories of Michael Porter, this is an opportunity for you to connect these theories to the current environmental factors that influence an industry of interest to you. (SHIPPING AND LOGISTICS INDUSTRY, (or any other suggestion welcomed)

  • Choose an industry that is of interest to you – try to go beyond what is right in front of you – think of something that you are really interested in – it will make this assignment a whole lot more interesting for you (and for me, because your enthusiasm will shine through)
  • Provide information for each of the questions presented in this chapter pertaining to an environmental analysis in regards to your chosen industry
  • Present this information in a slide deck with voice narration (I only need the slides and notes to create voice notes of explanation
    • No more than 10 slides
    • Be creative with how you present the information
    • Your presentation should be creative, professional, and interesting to view and listen to (I only need the notes of explanation for each slide, I will record the voice overs)

Questions to be answered:

  1. What are the strategically relevant factors in the macro-environment?
  2. How strong are the industry’s competitive forces?
  3. Identify the 3 strongest common drivers listed on table 3.3 (see attachment) that most likely contributed to these industry changes, and explain the specifics of these drivers as they relate to this industry
  4. How are industry rivals positioned in the market?
  5. What strategic moves are rivals likely to make next?
  6. What are the industry’s key factors?
  7. Is the industry outlook conducive to good profitability?