post a 150 word response to one of the following discussion prompts 3

Post a 150-word response to one of the following discussion prompts

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  • How are budgets created and used? What success have you had with creating and using a personal budget?
  • What are two cash management products or services offered by financial institutions? Provide a short description of each.
  • According to the “Interactive Figure 3.2: Liquid Assets” in this week’s Learning Path, what are some examples of liquid assets? How are liquid assets different from fixed assets? Why is it important to have liquid assets?
  • Some individuals prefer to have their employers withhold more money than they will owe so they can get big refund checks in April or May. Others prefer to minimize withholdings, so they can either spend the money throughout the year or put it into a retirement or other savings account. Which strategy do you think is better? Explain why.