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Assignment Details

Around the world, large organizations have lead the way in the adoption of cloud-based services. The reason for this movement has been a cross between cost savings and improved services and functionality. As with any change, there is a degree of risk that is accepted in exchange for the new benefit. With that is the concern related to data security. Data takes 2 forms. Data in motion is data that is vulnerable as it moves across a computer network. Data at rest is data that is kept in storage. With respect to cloud computing, concerns exist for the security of data as it moves across the corporate network and the internet to the cloud, as the data is processed in RAM memory on the cloud server and finally as it is stored on a cloud data storage server.

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Assignment Guidelines

Imagine for a moment that you are examining the vulnerabilities of data moving in the cloud and will examine these vulnerabilities from the perspective of a computer hacker. Research and explain the points of vulnerabilities with data in motion and data at rest.

  • Define the vulnerabilities
  • Explain the most likely techniques/methods a hacker would use to exploit those vulnerabilities
  • Provide a robust list of recommendations that could be used by your organization and the cloud service provider to reduce exposure to the hacker’s tactics.

The results of your research will be presented to your organizations leadership team to foster their understanding of the risks related to cloud computing and what the leadership team should do to reduce the risks. With that you have been asked to present your research in a power point presentation of 8 to 10 slides.

Your submitted assignment must include the following:

  • Power Point presentation with a cover slide, content slides and reference slide.
  • All in-text citations and references should be in APA format.