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BYOD -bring your own devic


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I would like to look at the use of personal devices in health care organizations; specifically reviewing the infrastructure and policy that support BYOD. I have included some details below.

There are many health care providers bring their own device (BYOD) into health care organizations and expect to be able to use them for both personal and work-related reasons. Most health care organizations welcome BYOD however they lack the proper infrastructure and polices to support the use of BYOD (McLaughlin,2014) . The lack of policies and proper infrastructure leaves the door open to many vulnerabilities. This project will evaluate current policy and make suggestions on IT policy creation and infrastructure to better support the use of BYOD in health care organizations.

The working title of my project is: Supporting BYOD in the health care setting: Improving Infrastructure & Policy.

Project Rubric

Part 2: IT Project Proposal

6. Described the project purpose or need.


7. Provided an overview of the project.


8. Described key deliverables/milestones.


9. Created a high level budgetary estimate.


10. Described all project benefits.


11. Described the high level risks associated with the project.


12. Described key stakeholders and what role you will be taking (IT Project Manager or IT Specialist).


Total (Sum of all points)


Points deducted for spelling, grammar, and/or APA errors.

Adjusted total points