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My Philosophical Worldview Preference:

The philosophical worldview that closely aligns with my perspective and the way I view problems in the world would be the pragmatic worldview.I am a strong believer in acting on the best methods of producing a comprehensive, thorough, well-informed approach (Robson & McCartan, 2016).This could mean providing a variety of methods in order to come to the most informed conclusions (Robson & McCartan, 2016).All experiments, observations and philosophical views, and even contradictory research are useful as it provides better understanding of people and the world (Robson & McCartan, 2016).What we understand as truth today, can change over time, this includes the institutional knowledge that we have gained through historical, empirical research and our current understanding of the world (Robson & McCartan, 2016).Pragmatists believe that truths are provisional and facts are theory-laden; these facts can always be disproven in circumstances that may not be evident, today (Robson & McCartan, 2016).One example of this is our original understanding of human behavior.Even in the applied behavioral sciences, like early childhood psychology, not much was or is still known now, of the cause of Autism (Frasier, 2018).A lot of knowledge and study of children in their early developmental stages have come closer to “truth” yet much is still left to be explored (Frasier, 2018).Over time, conclusions have been adjusted over their predictability and applicability in both controlled and uncontrolled observations (Frasier, 2018).Most real world research is generally described as social research, in the field, which involves people interacting naturally in their day to day environment (Robson & McCartan, 2016).Much of the research that is expected of doctoral students will identify the gaps in existing research in order to improve policy or practice (Robson & McCartan, 2016).Alternatively, the policies and practices examined, will have a direct or indirect effect on potentially changing this environment and in some way, influencing human behavior to further a social cause or provide solutions to improvements in our respective fields (Robson & McCartan, 2016).

Philosophical Worldview and Research Methodology:My Research Approach

My philosophical worldview of pragmatism is a combination of both quantitative and qualitative methodology which has influenced my leaning towards using a multi-strategy research approach.Based on the type of questions I have initially constructed as my five potential dissertation topics; many range from surveys that could potentially answer the “who”, “when” and “how many” as seen in fixed study surveys to the “why” and “how” exploratory flexible studies (Robson & McCartan, 2016).I believe this research approach is most effective for the plurality and eclectic nature that is involved with providing a comprehensive conclusion to my study (Robson & McCartan, 2016).This research approach contains both fixed and flexible characteristics, which will allow more freedom in making adjustments (Robson & McCartan, 2016).As more information is discovered, this can help further refine my data collection efforts progressing through the different phases of research (Robson & McCartan, 2016).Ultimately, I would like to mitigate a variety of risks which impact time, resources, and the effectiveness of providing viable solutions to the problem I am exploring (Robson & McCartan, 2016).

Philosophical Worldview vs Christian Worldview

If you consider the design of work and correlate this to the way that we develop our research framework, we can make the connection with what God has intended when He created for us a framework of the world in an open-ended way (Keller & Alsdorf, 2016).The world is malleable and was intended for us to shape and build upon to continue the work He originally started (Keller & Alsdorf, 2016).If God’s intention was that we exist only in the world He created, is it possible that we would live in a perfect, complete world where research is not needed?The purpose of all research is to continue work in this way, to progress towards truth, and to improve our everyday lives (Keller & Alsdorf, 2016).The Christian worldview, interprets the purpose of work in a way that every contribution we make in our given field of study is to serve others as God intended (Keller & Alsdorf, 2016).There are many symbolic professions associated with God, such as “architect” and “gardener” (Keller & Alsdorf, 2016).The architect builds the blueprint to later be handed over to the builder; the gardener plants the seeds which must be nourished with water and light (Keller & Alsdorf, 2016).Real world research will fill in a gap or build upon existing research for the benefit of others (Keller & Alsdorf, 2016).


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