psychology assignment media protfolio

Media Portfolio Assignment

Develop a Media Portfolio with two entries/artifacts showing encounters with topics in Psychology in your real-world experiences. You may choose any type of media source.However, sources like Wikipedia are not acceptable. Media sources should have been published no longer ago than two years. Keep track of where it was collected (title of magazine, newspaper, transcript, etc) and when it was published to use as your citation for each entry.This project will be two mini papers consisting of research based work for each entry (artifact, media source), including one cover page, one abstract, two media sources and three pages of research based work for each media source (artifact, entry) (six pages total research work) and two reference pages with a minimum of three references cited per entry (artifact, media source) submitted in APA format electronically.

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Develop a scholarly understanding of course materials and develop an ability to see real world relevance of psychological principles outside of the classroom,

Portfolio contents:

  • Locate a media source wherein you apply psychological concepts.
  • Collect newspaper, magazine clippings, and/or journal articles that illustrate those psychological concepts.
  • You must utilize a variety of sources.You should have two different topics from two different media sources.Each topic must have at least three different works citing your research on the topic.
  • Include newspapers, magazines, editorials, peer reviewed journals, transcripts from recent events in society.
  • Information that you view during television news programs or series may be used if you can find a downloadable (or printable) summary or reference from the show or network’s website.
  • Attach the media source (entry, artifact) to an essay of three APA typed pages per topic, which does not include cover, abstract, and reference pages.Provide the source of the materials, date of publication or broadcast and how it relates to psych concepts or theories from the text or lecture.
  • Each artifact will have three pages of content excluding cover, abstract, and references.
  • Include pictures of the authors, or pictures of how the article relates to psychology.
  • Be as creative as possible.
  • Identify the psychology topic(s) that the media source illustrates to you, research and in writing detail the connection using your text and other research to help you describe the relationship.
  • Summary of artifact
  • Identification and explanation of at least three connections between the artifact and psychological concepts for each entry.
  • Conclusion for each entry
  • References

Evaluation will include:

  • Relevance of artifacts to course materials
  • Accuracy of your descriptions and links to course material
  • Covers a range of topics
  • Variety of materials
  • Originality
  • Grammar and composition (APA)