public figure speaker critique analysis assignment 1

Public Figure Speaker Critique Analysis Assignment

For this assignment you will provide a general analysis and evaluation of a Ted Talk Speaker. From , .Your paper should be two-four full pages, double spaced, use Times New Romans 12- point font, and follow the guidelines of MLA. This is to be a critique and analysis not merely a description of the event. Be sure to take a stand, explain, and defend your views. Use appropriate terminology and the vocabulary from the textbook whenever possible.

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In well-developed paragraphs, support your assessment of the speaker’s presentation and content using evidence from the speaking event that you are analyzing. Grammar and writing style are very important. Check them both carefully.

In essay format you are to address the following questions in your paper; citing examples and evidence from the observed speech to support your claims.


Provide the following information in your introductory paragraph.

1. Name of the speaker.

2. Type of event.

3. Date of event.

4. Place of event.

5. Time and length of event.

Content Analysis and Evaluation

1. What was the speaker’s desired

2. What was the occasion for this speech? Did the speaker seem to consider this?

3. What was the demographic and attitudinal makeup of the audience? Did the speaker seem to consider this?

4. Was the introduction effective? Why or why not?

5. Was the conclusion effective? Why or why not?

6. What types of support were used? How effective were the speaker’s choices?

7. What type of organizational strategies did the speaker use? Where they effective?

8. What were the main points of the speech? How did you identify them?

9. How credible was the speaker?

10. Describe and evaluate the speaker’s use of language.


1. How comfortable did the speaker look?

2. How dynamic did the speaker look?

3. How could the speakers delivery been improved?

a. Did the speaker maintain eye contact with the audience? How appropriate was it?

b. How appropriate was the speaker’s rate and volume of speech?

c. How appropriate was the speaker’s pitch/tone?

d. How appropriate was the speaker’s use of body movement?


1. Explain your overall reaction to the speech and event. What, if anything, can you try to incorporate into your own speaking?

Please write it as an essay.