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Option One (Standard Literary Analysis):

*The empathy article from the beginning of the semester along with any supplementary readings ARE NOT available to write on.

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For this option, you can ONLY choose from one of the available readings AFTER the mid-term (Kincaid, Diaz, LeGuin, the three poems & the song lyrics you brought into class along with the song lyrics I emailed to you). You will come up with an original argument that lends itself to a more sophisticated understanding of the piece by analyzing specific literary elements. You will arrive at this argument through close reading, discussion, and a thorough understanding of the story. In addition to staking a strong claim, you are expected to provide both evidence and analysis to support your assertions.

*There will be no personal context included within this paper. Again, that is limited to ONLY the empathy paper.

In this essay, you are working on close-reading skills and are prohibited from using any outside sources (essays/theories) whatsoever with ONE exception: Biographical information on the writer. This means you will mostly compose your argument based solely off of your reading of the text. You will not incorporate anyone else’s point of view on your chosen text. For this assignment, that will be considered PLAGIARISM.