reflective essay 30

please see the files

(250-500 words) to look back on your Reflective Essay

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1.Assignment: Write an essay of one to win the front of your portfolio, as an introductionto your work for the teachers evaluating the portfolio.

2. Method: Review all the work you’ve done for the class. Consider why you chose theexamples from these essays to sh they show your readiness for EWRT 211 Give specificessays in your portfolio and hotw your improvement

3. Required Contenta-

Discuss basics of what you have learned in EWRT 200 This might include work onparagraph organization, use of description and/or examples, construction of bettersentences, proofreading, writing process, and so on. You may discuss both writingcontent and form in your paper.

Include how your writing has improved as a result of what you have learned in thisclass. Remember to provide specific examples to show your main pointa

Explain the reasons why you are ready to progress to EWRT 211a.

What still needs improvement? Write about what you’d still like to work on with yourwriting. Remember that all of us are still trying to be better writers, so what are yougoing to focus on in 1A and beyond?

4. Audience: De Anza English teachers

5. What we’re looking for in the Reflective essays

A clear thesis statements

Clear organizations

Well-developed, focused paragraphsa

Specific examples, detailss

Well-constructed sentencesa

Correct grammar and punctuationa

Form: typed, double-spaced

6. Due: Please bring a typed draft of the Reflective Essay to our next class sessionfinal version is due on the last day of class as the first entry of your Portfolio