research gap

For this worksheet task, due in Module Four, you will identify a gap in personality psychology research and begin to develop a basic research question to address the identified gap. First, review the literature from the five articles in your chosen track (three that were provided for you and two that you chose on your own). Using the Research Gap Worksheet as a guide, identify a gap in the research from your articles. Based on that research gap, develop a question to address the gap.

Note: The Research Gap Worksheet is filled out to provide an example for you to follow. Use this sheet as a template by deleting the highlighted portions and replacing them with your own content.

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The following elements must be addressed (as also outlined in the worksheet and the Final Project I Guidelines and Rubric document):

A. Identify a gap in developmental psychology research presented in the course that is unexplored or underdeveloped. B. Develop a basic research question addressing the identified gap. In other words, create a question that you could answer through research by further investigating your identified gap.

Refer to the Purdue OWL website for guidance on how to properly format references in APA style.

Guidelines for Submission: Fill out the provided Research Gap Worksheet by deleting the highlighted portions and replacing them with your own content.