research paper writing liyang

My research topic is this one: “Is GMO food really a solution to our food shortage for the future?

Need total word count: 1250.

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And at least 5 citation. APA format.

Grading rubric are post in the attached file, please check. Need one counter argument paragraph.

Need to meet all the checklist!!!

Skills and Knowledge Needed

An understanding of the following

  • title page formatting
  • the components of an effective argumentative introduction
  • supporting paragraphs with a TeEA structure
  • how to achieve cohesion in your writing
  • how to evaluate and integrate relevant and strong evidence for a supporting argument
  • counterarguments and rebuttals
  • the components of an effective argumentative conclusion
  • effective ordering of arguments
  • sentence structure variety and common sentence structure errors
  • APA reference page
  • APA in-text citation