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When asking the people that I knew about Zoroastrianism, I mainly got replies of either not knowing what it was, or knowing just the basics of it being a religion from “the Middle East.” My sister who is a religious studies major said she actually doesn’t know much about it either. She knew that Freddie Mercury came from a Zoroastrian family and that she thinks they have food restrictions, but she doesn’t really know about their beliefs.

I think ethical dualism is an important aspect to Zoroastrianism, and to other religions as well, because battling with choices in your mind and heart is what makes a person live their life in a certain way respective of their religion and concepts of the afterlife. It leads to whether one will choose to follow an ethical and moral path in life, such as looking out for others, being an honest person, maintaining justice, respecting people and nature, etc. This is also important because the concept of having an inner conflict of what is or is not ethical forces someone to stay engaged with the world and their actions, as opposed to drawing away from it. I think this is something that can be applied almost anywhere in life where one must constantly be aware that their choices and actions have consequences. It’s not completely the same, but I think it’s somewhat similar to the concepts of karma and dharma—being ‘right’ in your thought and action and not accumulating bad or good karma to break the cycle of reincarnation, causing people to struggle within themselves and always be doing the right thing to achieve enlightenment in death. Ultimately, people will behave in certain ways according to their religion and how it will affect their place in the afterlife.