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I appreciate the change that Max Weber believed that John Calvin’s emphasis on

predestination was important because it stressed radical individualism as one realized that

one was strictly one’s own in the matter of salvation; and “Working out your own salvation

with God.” Being judge by self is of importance to my faith in God, looking in the mirror

instead of someone other than God to help you in life changes.

John Calvin in France influenced Presbyterian, Some Baptist, Reformed, United Church of Christ; The

Institutes of the Christian Religion, only two sacraments (baptism and Lord’s Supper).

Justification by faith not deeds such as indulgences Original Sin–We inherit Adam’s sin, we

are blinded by our own sin, and our minds are so polluted with sin that we cannot think

straight. A Calvinist church insists more on the majesty and otherness of God, God was

removed from what was natural and human (God is a Spirit). Therefore, those that worship

God worship in spirit and truth. Everything in the services turned on the Word and the

architecture of bareness was itself a sacramental symbol of the gospel message. The pulpit

was placed in the center of the sanctuary and proclaimed that the preaching was the essence

of a system or variety of religious worship. Also, hymns, prayers, scriptural lessons, and the

sermon were implementing. In addition, having communion in which the presence of Jesus

was acknowledged. The presence of Jesus was revealed in the Bible, which was God’s law

book which brought salvation into the world.