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My Dad, daughter and I are starting a new company, for now we are the only three employees. Our company is a consulting firm that works with oil companies and suppliers to establish criteria and rules for ordering and modifying metal that is used in making certain types of equipment. My Dad is a metallurgist and has made a name for himself in the field. My daughter is learning sales, while she is still in college. I will be working to setup our Human Resources Department. The three topics that we will be concentrating on for now is ethical decision making, leading values and culture of integrity and developing a code of conduct.

This is all new for us. My Dad has worked in this type of business for 40 years and has a basic understanding on what we need to do and how we treat our customers and suppliers. Everything to us will be a new behavior and approach. We want to build a name that when seen they know that we can be trusted to do what is needed. We are respected by those in our industry. They will know that we will be responsible and complete with must be done and will be fair and play by the rules. By this I mean that we will keep everyone information confidential. These are the essence of our core values. We are natural born leader and want our customers to know important out core values are. (Heathfield, 2018) During our first year I want to develop a code of conduct for our company. I have a few examples for different companies to give me ideas. I want to set up a code that is easy to understand and follow that we can provide to our customers and suppliers. In our code of conduct we want to cover everything we deem necessary. We are determined to maintain positive thinking. We have set clear goal by having a plan and knowing exactly what we want. We are willing to take calculated risks sometimes you will make mistakes, but you learn from them and keep moving on. Manage time efficiently, remember time is money. Most important never stop learning. Knowledge can help to adapt and evolve. (Leung, 2014)

Organization integrity is the value behind thing getting done in the company. What this means is to follow through by doing what you say you will do. “If the company makes a commitment, people will accept it because they know that know that you thought long and hard and they feel confident you can deliver, and they begin to trust you.” (n.p., 2009) Get to the truth. “Your employees will settle for nothing less than the truth, you enable them to see the reality of their situation and take accountability for delivering results.” (n.p., 2009) Say what needs to be said. If you have open communication with your employees and you encourage them to speak up when needed. You have opened a door and do what they must be more productive, and they will get results. (n.p., 2009) Code of business conduct is sometimes called the code of ethics (Leonard, 2018). Need to set up an employee handbook and include this document. This also known as the code of conduct that need to be review your employees at least once per year. It needs to be reviewed periodically to make any updates that are needed. This is basically the law of the company and any requirements the employees need to understand and know. These two models or theories are to me very important is establish our new company. We are a young company and have a long way to go. With what I have learned in this class I will have one step up on anyone else. Thank you for all the information you provided in this class.