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Partnerships are very important with community stakeholders for education in regards to population health promotion. These partnerships include organizations that are considered health-based, such as, public health agencies, hospitals, and faith-based organizations, and then companies that are considered company-based. These company-based organizations include the small home-town business to the large fortune 500 businesses, education, housing, justice, land, public safety, and even transportation (NCBI, 2017). All of these agencies make up the community stakeholders for population health promotion. Public health nurses are have been working as community advocates, educators, and providers of critical public health services since 1893 and are the largest group of providers of public health services (Nurse Source).

Community Resources are assets in a community that help meet certain needs for those people around them; therefore, it is essential in assessing each community resources near you, so that you can be aware of what is available to yourself and others. These resources can be beneficial for population health promotion. Community resources may include hospitals, churches, food banks, WIC offices, schools, physicians, and or shelters (KU, 2018)


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