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150 word response to discussion


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Eli Brodskii – Citizenshi

Democracy is the most important segment of America’s political culture. Firstly it allows for the formation of a sovereign government, also known as a government for the people by the people. This form of governance ensures forces leaders to listen to the public in the formulation of policies while at the same time, follow the trajectory of the majority rule. While democracy is essential in itself, it equally allows and facilitates the liberties and equality. It would be flawed to assume that an authoritarian government would entirely give freedoms to their subjects or fellow countrymen. Democracy makes the calls for equality and liberty heard, as people have a voice in what is going on within their country. However, there are scenarios where democracy suppresses rights since freedoms to do as one pleases must also have an ethical limit. This ability over other elements within the American political culture makes democracy an essential element.


Citizenship: Sierra Morgan


Even before I had read the citizenship section in the book to familiarize myself with the definition of the word I knew I was not a good citizen. I lack an enormous amount of knowledge about politics and the workings of our government. The last time I had anything to do with government was in my high school government class which was an eternity ago. I remember nothing but the words House, Senate, President, and veto basically. I am ashamed to say I am twenty two years old and have never voted. I never felt as though I could make an informed enough decision or that I would even make a difference. Honestly, I have never looked at government as personal before. It has always been a foreign concept for me. I forget that politics affects me daily because I never watch the news and I am completely uninformed about current issues and debates. The lackluster excuses that I have for being a bad citizen would be lack of time and lack of interest in the matter. I am always going and doing and nursing has been my life for four years. It keeps my body and mind occupied at all times it seems not budging for other matters to come into my mind or into play in my life. My attitude has been if this is not affecting me immediately this moment there is no reason to think about it. I have also felt as though politics and government is always such a negative subject. No one gets a warm fuzzy happy feeling from it, and I am a happy person and want to associate myself with happy things. Government has never been a happy thing in my mind. Overall as a citizen I am uninformed and inactive, but I am patriotic and I do want to improve the community through health care not government.

This course is my last prerequisite course I need to graduate. Yes, I have been putting it off. Like I said earlier government is not a fun topic to me, but through this class I am aspiring to learn and make politics a bigger piece of my life. I want to be an informed citizen. I have much to learn and therefore cannot narrow down one area to improve on. I want to know current issues that are the bread and butter of the daily operations in government. I am excited at the opportunity to study this class on my own at my own will almost so that the studying and research I do is self motivated so that I may glean more from the information. By the end of this class I would like to be able to say I am informed and ready to finally cast my vote for change.