rhetorical analysis 300 words only

I have assignment is a part of project called (Rhetorical Analysis) Our instructor asked us to write the first 300 word of this project. it could be from the middle or from the beginning. the project in brief is, you are required to analyze a print advertisement. It is important to note here that you MAY NOT USE A COMMERCIAL.

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I will upload for now two files to let you get the idea then I will provide more details in private.

to help you understand what I want you to do. I will provide you later before you start a file of what I did so far and samples of this project. (I chose the ad so don’t worry about finding the ad !!)

before you start,

this is the assignment you should do, I do not want you to do the whole project.

For this exploratory writing assignment, you will write a minimum of 300 words of your rhetorical analysis project that is due on Sunday. It could be the very first 300+ words, or it could be from somewhere in the middle. I do ask that you include a working thesis statement at the beginning, even if you don’t write the intro for the project (you might be better off waiting to write your intro until the end—I can provide more helpful feedback if you write part of your analysis!)

I chose the ad as you could see in the file with name ( rhetorical analysis proposal)