rough draft and reference page

ow it’s time to submit the rough draft of your paper which you have written out of the thesis statement, introduction, and outline that you prepared earlier. Be sure to include a draft of your References Page in APA format.

Make sure your paper meets the requirements outlined in your Module 02 Diversity Project – Introduction. Take time to proofread your writing to ensure that you use proper spelling, mechanics, and grammar.

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Module 02 Paper work:

Question One: Every person is unique in their own way and therefore diverse in their needs.

Running Head: Topic Selection

Human service workers have to be mindful of the diversity and try to understand the client and what they consider essential. Learning about the role diversity plays in determining and meeting human needs impacts human services provision. The service provider gets to understand how different factors may come into play when they provide services to diverse communities. Factors such as culture, gender, learning styles, socio-economic status and sexual orientation of the different clients play a role, and in a way, it helps determine their needs. When a human service worker is placed to work in a community setting, it is essential that they learn about the behaviors shared across the different ethnic groups and the overall culture of the community to be used in service delivery. Different ethnic groups have different needs that they consider to be human needs and it may vary in different populations. Clients are diverse in different areas, and the human service worker needs to recognize that and be knowledgeable and be equipped to deal with the diversity. It is essential that human services workers be aware of themselves to avoid being prejudiced and biased regarding different cultural and ethnic groups. The information and help provided must also be carried out in a language that the client can understand. When it comes to people who are disabled, the human service provider is required to help the person then they will need to consider the cultural views of the family, and how they give care and the focus should be on the person, not the disability. Gender preferences are also vital as different groups have different views on the opposite sex and they may have protocols in place when it comes to physical contact with a person of different sex. The aspects that the client holds concerning sexual orientation is also important to consider as a human resource service provider.

Running Head: Topic Selection


Germain, C. B., & Gitterman, A. (1996). The life model of social work practice: Advances in theory & practice. Columbia University Press.

Vertovec, S. (2007). Super-diversity and its implications. Ethnic and racial studies, 30(6), 1024-1054.

Module 02 Thesis Statement:

Diversity plays a crucial role in meeting the human needs across various communities. People normally have different backgrounds and their needs vary according to their ethnicity, culture, gender, sexual orientation, learning styles, socio-economic status, etc. The identification of the needs of a
group of individuals based on diversity is very essential. Human Service Workers in any society should identify the shared behaviors across various cultures for effective delivery of services since different ethnic groups have different needs. The consideration of gender is also critical since different ethnic groups have dissimilar perceptions about interacting with the individuals of the opposite sex and they have certain protocols to be followed. The socio-economic status of the individuals is likewise important to be considered since it defines their specific needs. Generally,
all of these factors including the language of communication need to be considered by the Human Service Workers.