school board powerpoint presentation

You will select and analyze onelocal (district or school-level)policy issue that you believe needs to be changed, added, or deleted from official board policy. You should use resources such as student handbooks, school and district websites, school board policy manual, or interviews with school/district personnel to describe the policy issue and its implications on the school setting. You must then develop a PowerPoint presentation as if you were going to present the issue at a local school board meeting. You must address why the new policy or policy change is needed, what effect the policy has had/could have on the school(s), how other schools or districts are addressing this issue, and future potential effects of the policy being/not being implemented or changed. This presentation must contain 16–18slides (not including references) and at least 5 references in current APA format, with all references listed on the last slide. A title slide must be included.

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