second grade subtraction 3

  1. Video Presentations:
    • The groups will upload a 1 ½-2 minute video presentation of each of the six activities (6 videos total) describing and modeling for the class the six activities selected to the group Wiki
    • Act out teaching the activity
    • Group members and/or “extras” (friends and family) can pretend to be students in the videos
    • Your face must be visible in the video
    • Be sure to include your name to show which video is yours
  2. Written Description (Follow the template below for EACH activity)
    • Name of your Group (e.g. Team Social Studies):
    • Your Name
    • The material/task you plan to teach:
    • The age group being taught:
    • Topics to be covered based on your video:
    • A statement of whether the information is declarative, procedural, and/or conditional:
    • Your rationale for whether the material/task needs to be learned to recognition, recall, or automaticity. (If you select automaticity, you must justify this decision):
    • Your explanation of where the material/task fits into Bloom’s hierarchy (you can choose more than one level)
    • Teaching Activities
      • The behaviorist or constructivist activity you have developed
      • Integrate into this section an indication of whether any of these activities entails strategy instruction
      • Describe any materials you will need to obtain or develop
    • Statement of how you have integrated the best practices/guidelines covered in the text, including:
      • Distributed practice
      • Scaffolding of the students’ metacognition
      • Dual coding
      • Trying to ensure transfer
      • Reflection of how you are conveying high expectation to the students
  3. Resources/References List:
    • The group will develop a list of references/resources (URL links, websites) based on their research and post it on the Wiki